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God Bless Andrew Greeley.

I just finished reading Andrew M. Greeley's novel, "The Cardinal Virtues" -- and I cried at the end. (I recently finished reading his novel, "The Bishop Goes to the University" -- which was a delightful read, though not the book that "The Cardinal Virtues" is.)

I pray for Father Greeley, who suffered traumatic brain injury back in 2008. He's one of my all-time favorite authors -- and as I read this book, I remembered why. God bless him for the special gifts he has shared with the world through his writing.

I don't feel all that well today, frankly. I've had some bug in my digestive tract for ages now, and don't seem able to shake it. I did really well yesterday, and we all (Sue, Mitch, Marilyn and I) had a lovely time at the beach, celebrating our friend Mitch's birthday. The drive there and back was enjoyable, we played Fascination and sat on the beach and had a wonderful dinner at the Wayfarer (in Cannon Beach, Oregon). And topped it off with ice cream from Zinger's (in Seaside, Oregon), before coming home in the evening.

Today I ended up staying home, even though I'd originally planned to go in to work. I've been working on the festival website a little, and doing the bed linens (I just started making up the beds again). Marilyn and I are a little freaked out by the recent bedbug situation (that link is to a local report here in Portland -- but apparently New York is the worst area in the nation right now). I checked for any sign of bedbugs, but didn't notice anything -- so far. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled!

I guess you have to be really careful when you're traveling, so you don't pick them up in a hotel and bring them back home with you! (yikes) I wonder if we should reconsider the overnight trips we were thinking of taking in a couple weeks... (???)

I've been taking it pretty easy, anyway -- which is why I spent time just reading. That book was 494 pages, and I was almost devouring it. (smile) I found it hard to put down, once I'd started it! Happily, I've got more Greeley waiting in the wings. And, as always, I'm reading tons of other books right now, too. I can't imagine what it would be like to only read one or two books at a time...

And that's it for now!

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