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Passed Out Cold.

One of the most interesting things that happened to me yesterday?

I fainted.

Marilyn and I had been running around getting ready since before 10:00 a.m. -- we left the house just past ten. We had a ton of stuff to haul to our event (mentioned HERE), and when we got to the location, we had to stop the car across the street and up a ways.

I was making trips back and forth -- and when I carried this one container (there were five/six? bags of ices inside), I could barely manage to lift it. So after I'd moved it the second time, I was walking back to the car and I felt a little dizzy.

The next thing I remember was being flat on my back on the grass, with Thom (pronounced Tom) standing over me, trying to get me to stay down. (He's the President of the organization, and just the sweetest man ever.) But I got up again and headed to the car to get more things.

After a few minutes I was back on track, and the entire incident was forgotten.

Marilyn says when she saw me on the ground she ran over and slapped me to bring me around. She figures everyone thought she was some bad ass for dong that. (smile) And I figure they think we're both bad asses. Her slapping me to come around, and me getting right up and going on like nothing happened.

Hey, we're SPECIAL EVENTS people! When we're doing our thing, you're either DEAD, or you're WORKING. No two ways about it!

Normally when I faint I have a better idea it's going to happen, at least. This wasn't like that at all. I've been a fainter all my life, so it's not that strange to me when I do faint (though it's been ages since I fainted). This was different, because I honestly didn't know I was going to faint. And I also normally still HEAR what's going on while I'm out. (A doctor once told me that's totally normal for many people, by the way.) I didn't hear a thing until after Marilyn slapped me. Very odd.

Anyway, I just wanted to make note of this, as it's unusual. Happily, it didn't really color my day. It was a bit embarrassing (there were people everywhere), but as I said, no one seemed to think about it after a few minutes passed...

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