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Bad Printer! And Party at Mike and Mary's House!

We're off shortly to Forest Grove, Oregon for our annual get-together with Mary and Mike and friends! I should try and get photos to share this year...

We sit out on their deck and share good company and good food and have a lovely time. They set the date over half a year in advance, so it's very important to them. (Sister Sue will not be able to attend, which is too bad. She's missing out, and Mary was sooooo excited she was coming... Oh well. Candy had an emergency -- and though Nicole is 12 now, they won't leave her at home alone. So maybe next year.)

By the way, Marilyn and I FOOLISHLY bought the Kodak ESP 3250 All-in-One Printer several months back. This is the WORST printer ever. The print quality sucks. It's a noisy machine. It shakes so hard it moves the furniture it sits on. And that famous SAVINGS on ink? Oh hell no! It runs out of ink really fast -- much faster than other printers. Plus it's terribly difficult to find replacement ink cartridges for it.

I admit to be enthusiastic and excited about it after the Kodak ads for this machine. Sister Sue bought one on my recommendation. I've always liked Kodak products (our first digital camera was a Kodak). But Kodak lost me as a future customer on this one! I can't think of a single GOOD thing to say about the printer.

So we'll be going back to HP (why did we ever leave???). And I'll think twice about any and all Kodak purchases from here on out...

Whatever happened to honest advertising? Whatever happened to name brand trust? How sad.

I wanted to find them at Twitter to complain there, but they have a really pathetic account. (I wonder WHY that would be???) And I can't bring myself to 'Like' them at Facebook, considering I DON'T like them much right now. (smile) Anyway, just don't be taken in (as I was). Save yourself the aggravation!

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