CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

All Alone!!! (smile)

I'm sitting in the Rose Building at my desk working away. It's now past 7:00 p.m., and I'm the last man standing, so to speak...

Actually, Marilyn's off at a meeting, which is WHY I'm still here, all alone.

Seriously, it's still light outside and I'm not the least bit nervous being alone. In fact, even in the dark I wouldn't be nervous to be here. No big deal.

I got a TON done today, happily. But unhappily, I have a TON more still to do. Here's the rub: We're tired from our busy season. So we love getting time off! But we don't do much when we are off. We mainly feel like resting/sleeping, vegging out, reading, playing games, watching TV and so on. It's also no surprise that we end up getting sick.

I need to be motivated to get a lot of summer tasks done. Vacation or no, days away from the office or no, there's WORK to do. And I don't mind work, as everyone knows...

Of course, it would be NICE to do some of those jobs around the HOUSE that we're always telling ourselves we'll get done 'during the summer.' As I've mentioned to several people recently, when we aren't working right now, we just don't want to DO anything productive. There's only so much energy, I guess.

Makes me wish I could be like Edward Cullen and not need to sleep. Maybe then I'd have enough time to both goof off AND do the things that need doing. (smile)

But in all honesty, I LOVE to sleep. So I'd probably end up doing that even if I didn't have to. (I think the whole 'vampires don't sleep' thing is STUPID, personally. Why don't they need rest part of the time? Well, it's her world, however unreasonable...)

Marilyn's on her way back, so I need to quit now... More later (maybe).

Tags: 2010, august-2010, work

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