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Sick on Sofa, Mostly...

I took Actos this morning. This was a test, and let's just say I won't be taking it again. (sigh)

I had a terrible headache (no, I never get them as a rule) -- which is a side effect of this med. And I felt generally lousy. So I seriously did NOTHING all day long. At one point I was trying to sleep and couldn't -- but at that point I couldn't stand having the TV on, either, and didn't even feel up to reading.

Happily, later on I was able to read, so I finished my book, anyway.

I remember waking up suddenly at 2:10. I was staring at the clock, sure it had to be ten past noon, thinking there was NO WAY I'd been asleep for hours. But when I forced myself to get up and check, it was after two!

Later on I was half-dozing and there was this terrible bang against the window over my head! I jumped up thinking someone had thrown something against it, but when I looked out the window and below it, I saw a poor bird that clearly flew hard into the glass. I thought it was dead, but it managed to shake itself and fly off, hopefully okay... I felt awful for the poor thing. I've never seen that happen before here...

Marilyn was sweet to me all day long, and felt bad as if my suffering was her fault -- not so! Yes, she and I had jointly discussed me trying this med again, but I'm the one who decided last night that I'd take it this morning.

When she got home from a very busy day at work, we went on a quick shopping trip, then we got burgers for dinner, which I really enjoyed. I'd barely eaten all day, but that sat really well on my stomach.

I still have a headache, but I ate and have been watching some TV, so I'm better. I should be able to go for our Staff picnic tomorrow with no problem. (There was a point today when I was worried I might miss it.)

Anyway, now that I've blogged, I think I'll lie down again. No reason to push it, after all...

We've got some HOT weather heading our way, so we may FINALLY get some summer after all!

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