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Starbucks with Sister Sue

Marilyn and I went over around 8:30-ish p.m. to have Starbucks with sister Sue, who got back from her cribbage tournament (having left on Tuesday) yesterday (Sunday). Sue is dealing with some family drama that will hopefully resolve peacefully. Marilyn and I (of course) support Sue and want to stick up for her, but we also would like to see this whole thing become a non-issue. There appear to be a lot of hurt feelings involved with several people, but my personal concern is SUE. I never like to see her hurt. (I feel bad for Candy, too -- I think she has cause to feel bad about things... sigh...)

Anyway, it was a nice and quiet day here. I managed to get my Home email inbox down, which was a good thing. It kept 'building a summary file' (grr), which is an annoying thing. I guess it was just too damn full! But it's now under 50, which is good.

I suppose I should sign in to my work account and check it, too. It's never good to let it go more than a day or two at most. Yep. We get a LOT of email at work! (And it's far more for Jeff and Marilyn, than for me...)

I just finished my lovely Berry Smoothie from McDonald's. So yummy! Perfect treat on a summer day. And tonight it feels like summer outside.

I'm reading, reading, reading a TON lately. It feels so good. I love to read.

And watching a lot of movies on TV, too.

Last night Marilyn and I took cousin Linda to the show to see "Eclipse," in celebration of her getting a job (she starts on Wednesday). Even though she's now living in St. Johns (close by, in other words), we don't seem to see her much. It was nice to get together. It's the first time she'd seen our new car.

Marilyn continues her fascination with TV.Com, where she's been a very active contributor. I'm delighted to see her writing reviews and so on, seeing as she so GOOD at it -- and has such interesting insights. Personally I feel it's a great way for her to spend her free time.

She was just screencapped some photos from a TV show, which was great fun. She uses the DVR to tape shows, then makes DVDs and finally uses her computer for screencaps. Very cool.

Well, off to play some more Zuma! Fun, fun. It's really SUMMER now. And vaca ROCKS.

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