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Lazy Day.

So, often when Marilyn and I are having a totally lazy, do-nothing day, we'll hang out for a time, then decide we need to take a nap -- saying how 'exhausting' the day has been. (smile) It's totally a joke, of course, but we still say it frequently...

Today has been that kind of day. We never left the house. (I didn't even go out and feed the crows or bring in the mail. Or water the plants. Seriously.)

We watched TV -- including a lot of tennis. We played Zuma. We napped for hours and I read. We've played around online. And ate some, too (though not that much, really). I even played with the cats a couple different times (I should do that more, really).

Work? Nope. We're both tired and not in the mood to do anything productive.

Hopefully we'll get rested up and feel differently this coming week. But what the hell. We've worked hard all year long, and it's no wonder we were both sick recently. We don't mind the work, but it's nice to have some time where we don't have to work unless we really feel like it!

On that note, back to watching tennis and more goofing off...

Tags: 2010, july-2010, marilyn, nap, tennis, vacation, zuma

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