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Depressed and Emotional...

Well, I'm both depressed and very emotional this morning.

We got the call quite late last night about Ligaya's dogs being missing. They're two wonderful Jack Russell Terriers, named Jack and Jill. (Pretty original, huh? LOL.)

Here's their pic:

Jack and Jill with a stick

Ligaya was crying (you'd have to know her to know what a big deal it is for her to ever cry!) and saying she didn't want to look anymore. She and (boyfriend) Steve had been looking all over for ages, I guess.

I'd been napping (our usual late evening nap) when Marilyn woke me to tell me. I immediately wanted to go look -- which was exactly where M. was, too. So we decided to drive over.

(I posted a very quick 'prayer' to the 'Book of Hours' LIST (feel free to visit!) -- after all, it can't hurt. And both M. and I prayed several times while hunting. Including to Saint Jude -- the saint of 'lost causes.' We've prayed to him for years when we can't find something, and he's helped us many times, as crazy as that sounds...)

As soon as we got close to Ligaya's house we saw Ligaya walking up the street hunting for the dogs. She was sobbing and I hugged her and we all three started to walk the streets. Finally Ligaya went back home where Steve was waiting. Marilyn and I continued to search until around 12:30 (midnight). Then we finally gave up and came home.

We'd been so convinced we'd find them! It was disappointing. But at least we didn't find either dog injured or killed. (That's a blessing, for sure.)

I love both dogs, but I'll always be a tiny bit more attached to Jack. Ligaya got him first, and we 'baby sat' him here at the house when he was just a tiny puppy (not even housebroken). He would 'nurse' on my favorite gray mountain fleece shirt while I held him in my lap. After a couple days of that I discovered his tiny sharp teeth had made ribbons of the front. LOL.

Marilyn and I always call ourselves Jack and Jill's 'aunties.' The dogs love to come to our house for a visit! We lock Indy and April (our cats) downstairs (in the family room -- Marilyn's bedroom area) and give Jack and Jill the run of most of the upstairs. At home they can't climb on all the furniture or end tables. Not so at our house! LOL. We spoil them terribly.

They also love to play in our back yard (enclosed by a cedar fence). They'll run around chasing and playing until they wear themselves out. Then they'll come in and sit in our laps and fall asleep...

Ligaya says they always know when she's bringing them for a visit. As soon as they turn on to our street, they start getting really excited. LOL.

Fortunately, Jack was returned this morning. A woman in Ligaya's neighborhood had found him at 7 p.m. and left a 'flyer' on Ligaya's door early this morning with Jack's picture.

Now when I say 'in her neighborhood' I'm not talking about close! Ligaya's on a very busy street, 33rd. He was found on 30th -- but way down from Ligaya's cross street. He'd really gone a distance! It's interesting to me that the woman knew the dog and that he belonged to Ligaya -- and knew which house was her house! (I'm lucky to know the people and animals within a few blocks right here on my own street!)

I could barely sleep last night. I kept getting up and checking the front door. Even though we're certainly not close to Ligaya (at least we are in the same basic part of town), both M. and I had thought there was an outside chance they could end up here. You just never know with dogs...

This morning I've been on line checking with our local Animal Control for the county. (We're in a big city, so it handles a lot of pets.) I've also gone on line to our local emergency pet clinic (where injured lost animals are often turned in). It's depressing to look at all the pictures of lost dogs... (I was actually crying as I went through them.)

No Jill anywhere, but it's really too soon.

Marilyn's off to work and Ligaya is putting Jack on his leash to go hunt. I sit here at home feeling useless. I can only worry -- but at least I can pray...

I know some will think this sounds foolish. Jack and Jill are 'only' dogs, after all. But to single people with no children, our pets are very much our family! (Ligaya kept saying that to me: "They're my babies.") Me, I firmly believe our pets do go to heaven (even if many churches say they don't)... Who'd want a heaven without our beloved animals? Not me!

It's strangely calming and helpful to write an entry here. Makes me feel better, I guess to put it all into words...

I keep hoping I'll get a phone call with good news.

It was sweet to get a prayer from our on line friend Nik for Jack and Jill (though I was sorry to hear about Debra's troubles with her father via the same 'Book' entry)...

Guess I'll shower and dress (in case I'm needed to go help search again!).

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