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I LOVE My Life! Boys Dance for Me...

I'm working away on the eNewsletter (wrapping it up, hopefully). And I'm on the phone with Ashley discussing it and other projects when there's a knock at the front door. I see kids (I thought it was two) outside, offering to 'dance' for a dollar each. I ask them to wait and finish my call with Ashley, then head for my coin purse to get some $$$. It turns out there were three boys, so I head back for more quarters.

They tell me they attend Peninsula School, which is only a few blocks away from our house, actually. (Anyway, easy walking distance.) And they're in a dance contest at school -- and very excited about it.

So I'm sitting out on the front porch -- and each of the boys takes a turn to dance for me!

I paid them off, then was so delighted I went back for more quarters and lured them back again to pose for photos for me -- so I could share here (and at Facebook).

Kwabena, Malik and Kwame
Greet Kwabena, Malik and Kwame!




Okay, sorry, but I can't recall which boy is which. (My bad.) You know what? They're all good kids. And when I asked them to pose together I didn't need to use my usual 'act like you like each other' line with them -- they just threw their arms around one another! They're obviously best friends and not afraid to show it!

This was one of those rare events in life that just makes a person feel GOOD. I haven't stopped smiling since I went out to meet them. I hope they got some good candy or other treat with their quarters. They really earned 'em! (And it's HOT out there to be dancing, believe me.)

I told them to keep practicing -- and to come back and let me know if they win! But I think ultimately that I'm the winner here. Don't you agree?

I hope some other neighbors found it worth some quarters to have them dance. But I suspect they all missed out on this special performance. Seriously, it's their loss!

Keep on dancin', boys!
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