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Stayed Home Today...

This should have been a day in the office for me, but I just didn't feel up to going in. I'm so TIRED. And I feel crappy. And it makes me cranky, in all honesty.

But I did get up when Marilyn was leaving for work. (Even though she didn't feel 100% by a long shot, she still went to work -- and stayed there without a break all day. She used the bathroom ONCE and didn't have a bite to eat until she finally got home this evening. That's dedication for you!)

And I stayed up all day until after dinner. Then I took a book had a long nap. Both cats napped with me, thank you very much!

Marilyn informed me we were going to Walmart tonight, so I'm guessing we'll be doing that any time now. I know we need things from there, so I'm okay with it. I'll do what needs doing.

And tomorrow I need to finish up the eNewsletter to go out Thursday (no more postponing it). And color (!!!) my hair. Both Thursday AND Friday are BIG work days for me, so hopefully I'll feel much better by tomorrow -- and the end of the week.

Thursday night is our Board-Meeting-turned-Picnic at the office. And Kris is coming in to work on IT. He's got equipment to bring in -- and I'll need to help MOVE a bunch of towers and other stuff, plus decide WHERE to store it all (!!!). Wow, I'm looking forward to that. IT is so damn glamorous. I've been puny as hell, so it should be interesting...

Madhu is NOT coming back after having her baby, which isn't really a big surprise. Marilyn and I had wondered if she might decide to stay home -- and it was confirmed recently. So she'll be coming by briefly to see me and get her personal files from her computer. I'll miss her, but hope to keep in touch with her via Facebook. (That's been working well for many former festival employees, by the way!)

Jeff is back from Korea, and I worked on some photos for him today. I'll take them in to him on Thursday, as well.

What else?

I did force myself to log in to work and clean out my email, at least. It was daunting, to say the least! But it shouldn't be horrible to face now. If we let that go even a day or two, it's a bit scary...

Sister Sue is off as of this morning (yes, already) to her cribbage tournament -- and won't be back until Sunday. I hope she has a good time. She liked the gifts we brought her and Nicole from Forks (but I never did hear what Nicole thought...).

The weather here is in the 80's, so it's not too bad. And it will be nice to have warm weather for the Thursday night outdoor event. (I guess we need to take hot dog buns, but not cook, which is nice!)

On that note, I guess I need to go and wake the napping Marilyn so we can go and shop...

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