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Sick, Again.

Both Marilyn and I are still (yet, forever) sick. (big sigh)

Well, we did go out and have Starbucks with sister Sue, even if we were exhausted and achy and miserable afterward. (She told us about her trip and we shared about the trip to Forks -- and gave her the presents we got her and Nicole there.)

I phoned Amanda and told her Marilyn needed to postpone, as she was supposed to come tonight. We didn't feel good exposing her to anything with the twin babies at home!

We ran out for meds and a few groceries we'd missed before -- and that was our day, for the most part.

I did force myself to unload the dishwasher and fill it -- then run it. And pick up the kitchen a tiny bit. Plus I'd cleaned in my bathroom a little and the living room, before we decided to phone Amanda...

We slept in very late, anyway. And I'm staying home for certain tomorrow. Not sure about Marilyn, though. She's not feeling good, but insists she needs to go to work. So I guess we'll see...

We MUST be at work Thursday, no matter what. So the sooner we're well, the better.

Aside from that, I watched the movie "Sister Act" on cable this evening. I love it. Mom gave me the video tape years ago (I wonder if I still have it?), and that was always special to me.

And we've been watching "Angels & Demons" today, too. (We love that movie.)


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