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Still Watching TV -- Keeps Our Minds Off Being Sick...

Marilyn and I are watching Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy.

We were always big fans of the 1989 "Alien Nation" TV series. Great characters and fascinating development of the aliens. It's been fun watching the TV movies today.

We both actually SHOWERED today (!!!), after days of just not caring. You know how it goes when you're really sick -- you just don't care. Plus you don't even have the energy to shower.

I forced myself to go out and water the plants, anyway. They needed it after the hot day. I guess it got into the 90's. (I just checked and it was 92°.)

After we showered, Marilyn and I actually drove out for the first time in days. We went to McDonald's and got sandwiches and fries -- and Wild Berry Smoothies (which we both love). Then we came directly home to eat.

It's great to be clean -- have clean bodies and clean hair. It was great to have a short drive, too. And we were hungry, so it was nice to get something yummy to eat.

We didn't get around to grocery shopping, but that was just a bit too much, still. Neither of us are really well, yet, so we still need to take it easy.

Personally, I found watering and showering about all I could manage. (smile)

Hopefully we'll feel better tomorrow. Of course, just being clean helps! (grin)

Well, it's almost 2:30 a.m. I need to take my meds (I'm late!) and head to bed, I think. Not that I haven't been getting a LOT of SLEEP since I got sick! One of the main things is being tired all the time -- and sleeping for hours and hours. I think the sleep is probably great for us, so no complaints here!

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