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Marilyn? Sick? Me, Too? Yep.

I got up this morning to test my blood and take my meds -- then went straight back to bed. Marilyn is sleeping on the sofa (her favorite place for snoozing even when she's not sick). It's now around 12:30 (noon-ish), and I'm sitting up long enough to update online.

I need to have something to eat, as my meds require it for balance. But I'm not hungry this morning at all.

We did have some popcorn last night while watching "Jeopardy" on the DVR. For the most part this virus doesn't seem to bother our appetites, so we can eat the way we normally would. Of course, we don't much feel like cooking!

We need to grocery shop -- we're out of a bunch of things, including milk and cheese (essentials around here). But neither one of us feels like going out, so we're making do. Thankfully we've got plenty of pop and bottled water to drink. And we currently have bread, too. Add peanut butter to that and we can survive for quite some time. (smile)

I'm sitting here feeling fever working in my body, which is a weird feeling. It's supposed to be really hot this weekend, but whatever. I should force myself outside to water, and maybe I will (sick or no).

I hate missing these sunny summer days, when we could be playing tennis, taking drives (in our new car) or whatever else. But all I really want to do is sleep.

We're both sleeping TONS. We watch some TV and read a little. And play a tiny bit online (as long as it can be done in short spurts). Then we lie down again and toss and turn and finally sleep. Wow, it sucks. (ugh)

There's really nothing else to report. I guess Megan got sick last week, too. Carol sent me an email about the eNewsletter that should have gone out last week and now ideally will go next week -- and she mentioned Megan being out sick...

How crappy am I feeling? I have honestly NOT logged in to my festival computer in days. I have work I need to do and I've barely even THOUGHT about it, much less tried to do it. I haven't touched my emails, phoned anyone or a damn thing. (Except to cancel my appointment with Kris for last Thursday.) And you know, I really don't care. The work will get done when I'm feeling better.

Marilyn has been remarkably good about not worrying about work, as well. Of course, she HAS forced herself to do some things from here at home, unlike me. (Yeah, she's amazing. She totally deserves that 'Wonder Woman' tee she recently bought and has been wearing.)

Well, I'll either eat now or go back to bed. So much for Saturday!

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