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Marilyn? Me? Still Home Sick...

I spent almost the entire day down sick in bed today. (ugh)

So there's really nothing much to share. Oh! We did watch the 1944 movie "Laura" -- which we may have seen as kids, but didn't recall that well. Directed by Otto Preminger, the cast featured Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb and Vincent Price -- and, yeah, all were amazing. It was a classic film noir, but I did find myself LAUGHING at much of it. Wow, could they all just light up another cig or have another drink, please? And talk about your twists at the end and some over the top drama. I mean, really...

But worth viewing, even so. (smile)

And that's my exciting day home sick, yet again...

Tags: 2010, july-2010, marilyn, movie, sick, tv

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