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We're Sick. (sigh)

Both Marilyn and I were home sick today. I spent most of the day down in bed -- something I normally NEVER do, by the way.

I'm actually planning to go back to bed any second now.

I did finish reading "The Secret of the Great Pyramid," by Bob Brier, Jean-Pierre Houdin (loaned to me by my friend Mitch). I usually read while lying in bed, so that's why. (smile) I think I'll have to buy a copy of the book now. What an amazing book. I'm sorry to be done...

I didn't do ANY work today -- including finishing up the eNewsletter I needed to do from last week. Oh well. And I haven't started the garbage and recycling yet, either. I'll get to it, but whatever. And I need to go water (!!!), too. (sigh)

I did fool around a little at Facebook, but that's about it. Only in spurts that didn't require me to sit up much. (smile)

Well, that's my 'exciting' (not) day. Hope all is well with all my friends! Stay healthy.

Tags: 2010, books, enewsletter, facebook, garbage-and-recycling, july-2010, marilyn, reading, sick

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