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Feeling Yucky. (sigh)

I didn't want to be one of those people who have fun on the weekend -- then skip work right after. (We've seen that before at our office.) So I went in this morning and ended up having Marilyn bring me home sick in the afternoon...

Then I slept on the sofa for ages, before heading to bed. I'm going back there any second.

Actually, I've been fighting some bug since last week -- but with the deadlines and then the parade to attend on Saturday, I just didn't have TIME to give in and be sick. (smile) There's never any GOOD time to be sick, but whatever. This week is at least more quiet than prior to now.

Jeff headed to Korea today -- I hope he has a good trip. Marilyn and I didn't seem him before he left, but he was in the office yesterday. And he phoned us around 10:00 p.m. while we were still in the car heading home from Forks, Washington. I hope his trip goes well. He's doing a PowerPoint presentation and I guess he's nervous about the language barrier...

Henry (the cat) is feeling a little 'under the weather' today, himself. He had a poop-y accident and was dragging his butt across the rug in the living room (!!!) to clean it (sigh) -- I had to drag myself up to clean him, and the rug. What a mess -- but he can't help it! It was all stuck in his long fur, which I both cut and scrubbed.

Not sure what's wrong with me. I feel tired and have a sore throat and headache -- and as if I'm fighting a cold. I'm more BLAH than deathly ill, thankfully. And my bloodcount was good this morning (again), so...

On that note, I'm headed back to bed. Oh! it was fun going to the show with Sue and Nicole Sunday night. And I really need to share about our trip yesterday -- including TONS of photos! (smile)

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