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Yesterday? Busy and Late. Today? A Parade!

We were at work until 2:00 a.m. last night, working like mad to finish up. Happily we got to bed by 3:00 a.m., as we had the drive to Battle Ground with Queen Victoria for the Harvest Days Parade!

I was surprised to see that I didn't really blog yesterday. Well, I blogged past midnight on Thursday, so I didn't actually MISS blogging for Friday, but I can't believe I didn't blog during our wacky and busy day! I was Facebook-ing like crazy, though, on and off. (It takes so little time to post at Facebook, after all.)

Marilyn had six (!!!) write-ups to do for Pinnacle Award submissions, which is a TON of writing. Everyone else was out of there by around 7:00, and we just kept plugging away. I did the special covers (graphics) for each one, made the PDF compliations (a new twist this year -- and more work) and then burned the PDFs to CD for each entry.

Plus I had to search for more photos for Jeff to take to Korea. (Because I didn't have anything else to do, after all.) I found tons and put them on a jump drive for him, so he can take them along. I think it's for a PowerPoint presentation, but to tell you the truth I don't really know.

Marilyn wore her Wonder Woman tee today -- and it was perfect. Because she seriously IS a wonder woman, in more ways than one!

We came home a scarfed down some food before heading to bed (we never had a real meal all day long), knowing we needed to be in a few hours. It was hard to do, believe me!

Then we went to pick up Victoria -- the sweetest girl ever -- and headed to Battle Ground. The three of us talked and talked and talked, and she is the most grown up person you can imagine. It's not at all like being with a teenage girl, believe me! I'll have to share more about her later, because she amazes and delights me.

Anyway, originally Marilyn and I didn't plan to be IN the parade, but we decided we needed to stay with Victoria. So we walked on either side of the float she rode, near the back. And we shot TONS of photos (that I've yet to download off my camera) -- mostly of the crowd as we walked by.

By the way, it's seriously NOT easy to shoot pictures as you walk!

Afterwards we went to the Rosarian rose planting, then headed back to Portland. We went to Red Robin for lunch, and we kept discovering that Victoria is so like the two of us that it's almost scary -- in a totally good way!

Then we took her, came home here and I changed and went straight to have a nap. I didn't get up until really late. We'd talked about going to the show with sister Sue, but we were both too tired. We'll probably do that tomorrow. She wants to see "Eclipse" now (after watching "Twilight" and "New Moon" with Nicole -- which I encouraged her to do), and we'd like to see it again, so...

We were both worn out, but it's no wonder considering the hours we pulled at work this week -- and how little sleep we got! Then walking that parade route and all over Battle Ground. We're out of shape, so it tuckered us out.

Monday we plan a road trip to Forks, Washington -- come hell or high water. Jeff had asked Marilyn if he could come by the house Monday for a meeting, but she informed him we wouldn't be here. She already spent part of a recent day off writing up his official bio and sending it to be translated for the trip, so I think that's good enough. I love Jeff, but he needs to catch a clue here. He's having to 'come back early' from his three-week vacation (half a day, or something) -- and Marilyn's been running the office and doing piles of major deadline work while he's been gone.

I like to see her actually get her Mondays OFF -- as she's supposed to -- this time of year, considering how hard she works ALL year round. I'm the one who gets pretty adamant about it, actually.

And we TOTALLY didn't mind giving up more than half of our Saturday to go with Victoria, as we love her and it was great fun! We were invited to the court event by our friend Leslie that was happening this evening (that Victoria was going to attend -- along with three courts from 2008, 2009 and 2010), but opted out to rest. Leslie wants to get together for a drink next week, which we totally need to do.

Going back to the Pinnacle Awards and the addition of PDFs, it is a lot more work. You need to PDF everything you're submitting and burn it to a CD -- the idea being that they can then share the things the winners submit with everyone. I was originally annoyed by this (we have enough to do to make the IFEA deadline as it is, being so close to the end of our festival), but I've ended up loving it! Now we'll have cool copies of our own submissions, which they don't return to us. (They will if you request it, but they CHARGE quite a bit, so we never do.)

It's hard to describe the work that goes into these submissions. The write needs to be good and compelling, the question asked needs to have a meaningful answer, the collateral needs to be good and the photos do, as well. We're good at what we do, so we know how to share our events and programs (etc.) really well -- which is why we always win so many awards each year. But we're into it, so it's worth all the effort!

I had my usual hard time selecting three of our eNewsletters to submit out of all of them. It still annoys me that they look at print-outs rather than an email or the web version (!!!), but whatever. eNewsletters are interactive, so hard copy just doesn't cut it. But whatever!

Our Auction PowerPoint from 2009 was also entered, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's received kudos constantly when we share it, so you never know... (And I won't even mention the website. You never know what the judges are looking for, but I think we have a pretty amazing site...)

On that note, I'd like to go read my book and get some more SLEEP. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Monday -- and a more relaxed (I hope) work-week next week!

I have PILES of IT-related work to start tackling, so...

Time for relaxation! And (hopefully) I'll have a photo-share later.

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