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Still Workin'!

It's almost 2:00 a.m. and Marilyn and I are still working on Pinnacle Award submissions. We got home around midnight, but had videos we needed to dub (if possible). So far it's bumpy, but we're doing the best we can... (sigh)

We've got a TON of work to get done tomorrow -- but we both believe we'll finish before the 'late' Saturday deadline. And much of it will be done by tomorrow's deadline!

We might even get some sleep tonight (???), if we're lucky. Last year we pulled an all-night-er, so this would be an improvement.

Henry is playing like crazy right now! How cute. He's a good boy. And now Colin has brought one of his toys down the staircase! I can't get over how playful both cats are at this late hour!

I'm sure they missed us today, but they certainly got used to that during the recent festival. Of course, we've been home more often lately!

It's cool to listen to the footage of being made Portland's 'official' festival. And we just saw part of the PowerPoint presentation that Marilyn and I made for last year's Auction -- which was played in City Hall last January (a pretty big deal). It all makes me feel pretty proud!

Now the cats are settling down to rest! I think they might be sending us a message. (smile)

That's it for today. I think we might be close to bed. But we've got another long day in front of us, so...

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