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Headache from Hell Today.

For the record, I don't get headaches. I've hardly ever had them in my life. So for me to have an awful headache since this morning? Not a good thing.

When I told Marilyn about it in the afternoon, she suggested it might be my new medication I started this morning. She did quick research and sure enough -- one of the common side effects is headaches. (sigh)

Actually, it has quite a few BAD side effects, like major weight gain (!!!) and tooth problems (!!!) -- and I really need to add THOSE two to my life. (No, thanks.)

Anyway, I'm not taking the pill tomorrow -- and I plan to phone my doctor to discuss why.

I worked on the eNewsletter today, but didn't finish it, I'm afraid. I might need to bag it until next week, considering other deadlines... Whatever. It's not time-sensitive right now and will easily wait.

For the record, the festival has a HUGE deadline coming up, and many of us will probably be pulling another all-nighter tomorrow -- like we did last year. The Pinnacle Award submissions need to be done by Friday, so there's really no way around this. And as I said to Marilyn (and others), it's just on frickin' day out of our lives, for heaven's sake! No big deal.

I'd say we could sleep this weekend, but actually Marilyn and I are taking the Queen to a parade on Saturday, so we can't.

Marilyn had a headache, too -- so we couldn't help wondering if we were both getting bugs. I hope not, because we don't have TIME to be sick. As I said to her earlier, we'll have to muddle through, regardless, because the work has to get done -- sick or no!

But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll both feel GREAT in the morning and the headaches will be GONE. On that note, I really need to lie down and get a nap -- before I get up and finish the garbage and recycling!

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