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Good Report from the Doctor! And a Daily Update.

Marilyn took me to my doctor appointment at 2:00 p.m. today, after a morning of work at the office. She went back with me to hear the report from my recent lab work. One of these was my A1C test. One year ago my result was 12 -- today it was 7.4. The goal is to be under 7, but clearly I'd made an amazing improvement. Other numbers were really good, too. So I left the clinic with a big smile on my face.

I'm on a new medication to see if it can help more, and seeing my doctor again in a month, which is actually fine by me.

I got to talk briefly to both June and Jim when we dropped by the house briefly after seeing the doctor. They were outside in the yard, so I went across the alley to chat. Then we grabbed a quick bite and headed back to the office.

As for work today, we had a Communications Meeting this morning (I still have an eNewsletter to produce -- working on that tomorrow). Then we had a very interactive Staff meeting and came up with some good ideas.

First thing in the morning I phoned Dave from Trane who detoured from his trip to Salem to drop by the office to help us out. (woo hoo) Our AC went out (again) yesterday, so he came to reset it and show me how I can reset it if necessary in the future. He also taught me how to change general settings for the AC system, so that was a very good thing! I really like Dave, and I took his photo so I can feature him in one of the future eNewsletters. (In the 'Meet' section I have in most of these.)

At 1:00 Rudy (from our phone company) came by to meet with Ashley and I joined them to set up the OPERATOR function on the front desk phone that we were having issues with. This went really smoothly, so we're now good to go!

I did research on a method to make copies of the DVDs we create for festival purposes, with Pinnacle submissions to IFEA coming up quickly! In fact, Thursday while I'm in the office I'll need to select the eNewsletters I'm entering this year and print them out. I've won awards for these two years in a row, so I've got my fingers crossed... (smile)

I also downloaded a bunch of festival photos to use for creating the header banner for tomorrow's eNewsletter, always a labor of love. I was explaining to Rich that I can look at as many as one hundred photos to find just three to actually use, so I always need many to work from. It's a fascinating process and I do love it.

I haven't done much coding lately, so it's also good to get my hands back on it. The more often I code the easier it is, after all!

We came home around 6:30 p.m. and I went out to water the plants. I forced Marilyn to go back in, because the mosquitoes LOVE her (always have -- since she was a little girl). The damn mosquitoes are out in DROVES and were biting the heck out of me! I've got big welts on my arms and legs. (ugh)

Today the news reported that local stores have sold out of bug spray. No surprise, really! Marilyn and I were trying to buy 'After Bite' or some other such product recently and found the shelves bare! Damn bugs.

I also fed my crows, who were picking at the last of the food from yesterday -- and had again emptied their water bowls! I put out a second one when I discovered how thirsty the poor things are. Now I just need to find time to get out to water and feed them. They hang around all the time now, knowing I'll look out for them. And they're shiny, fat and sassy -- the smartest birds around, you'd better believe! I just love my crows, I really do.

And are we loving our new car? You'd better believe it!

I guess that's about it for today... Just a typical summer day, I guess. (heh)

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