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Napping Rocks -- It Really Does!

I took a lovely, long nap lying in the big chair downstairs in the family room. I was wrapped up in my fave blankie, which has a 'foot pocket' that allows me to push my feet inside and keep it in place. This so-called foot pocket is actually designed so you can fold the blanket and push it into the pocket like a pillow. I never do that, though -- but I almost always use it to keep my feet warm and the blanket in place! I've never seen another one like it, which is a shame. It's the best blankie ever!!! Oh, it's made of mountain fleece with a tan and light brown horse print, but lighter weight than most such blankets. And it's WAY BIGGER than most of these blankets, too! That means it covers me from my feet up to my shoulders with no constant tugging. (Why aren't all throws and blankets made like this? None of them ever seem to be big enough...)

The chair in question is one we bought second-hand years ago. It's big and comfy and has a matching ottoman. When I turn this stool sideways, it extends the chair so it's long enough for me to nap in. It has pillows in the same print and is really soft for a nap. This chair is also a fave of the cats. When they're downstairs you'll almost ALWAYS see one of them sleeping on the back of the chair where there's a perfect 'cat shelf.' (I need to share photos of them there!)

I never normally sleep in front of the TV. That's something Marilyn loves to do, though! Sleeping on the sofa in front of the television in the family room is probably her favorite place to rest, even more so than her king-sized bed. (I always smile and think of "The X-Files" and Fox Mulder, who didn't even own a bed and always slept on the sofa. (grin)

The last several days Marilyn and I have been watching old movies -- and less-old movies, too! What fun! Every time I woke up during my nap I'd hear the TV going and some vintage show or movie playing away.

I did log in and check my email -- and I called the office at one point to see how things were going. But that's all the festival-related work I did today. Tomorrow we're back to work and we've got a long list of things to do! It's all good.

My doctor appointment is also tomorrow afternoon. I've had some good blood counts the past two weeks, so I need to let him know. He's going to tell me about my lab results, and I'm interested to see what these are. Marilyn has scheduled to go with me, so she can hear what he says, as well.

I want to read more in my pyramid book and do some more personal graphics, as opposed to work-related ones. (I have that postponed eNewsletter to do this week, so I'll be working on some festival graphics for sure soon...) I started to make Fourth of July icons to share ages ago, but never did finish them. As you can tell from my recent entry, I'm also in a wallpaper making mood. I actually need to make some header banners for some communities, too. So...

Well, I guess that's it for today! More than half the year has gone by and I've posted to my blog every day. It's interesting how it's become one of my daily habits.

I also try to to stay active on a regular basis at Facebook and Twitter -- both let me reach different groups of people, which I enjoy. I still love LiveJournal best of all, which I suspect will always be true. I've made wonderful friends here! And I like keeping track of things that happen in my life, as well.

I forgot to say that I downloaded some new free fonts today! Fun, fun. I can't wait to give them a try...

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