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New Wallpaper (Team Edward, Anyone?)...

So, I decided to make myself several new wallpapers. Every now and then I'll get into the mood to do this. Mainly because I feel like having a new wallpaper on my desktop, I guess! (smile)

Back when we saw "Iron Man" I made a few of Tony Stark -- and I've had one up on my desktop ever since. Interestingly enough, it's NOT the one I originally shared here! I was surprised when I checked and found an entirely different version here in my blog...

Here's the one I had up until yesterday:

Iron Man wallpaper
[Click to see the full version]

Here's the "Angels & Demons" wallpaper I made yesterday, featuring Camerlengo Patrick McKenna:

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna wallpaper
[Click to see the full version]

And this evening I made one of Edward Cullen:

Edward Cullen wallpaper
[Click to see the full version]

Fun, fun! Honest, it's NOT like I need an outlet for my creative side, considering how often I get to create graphics for the festival website and eNewsletters (constantly) -- that get shared globally. I just happen to like to make my own wallpapers. (smile)

You can probably tell that we've been watching "Angels & Demons" and "Twilight" on cable TV. (grin)

Marilyn was a touch under the weather today, so we took it very easy. Happily, sister Sue took me shopping at Freddies tonight, so I could pick up some things we still needed. How nice of her! And we stopped at McDonalds to get berry smoothies, which are really tasty!

And now? I'm off to play some Zuma before heading to bed...

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