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Summer Reading...

Rather than a list of all the (many) books I'm currently reading (as usual), I'd like to mention the book that my friend Mitch loaned me.

Right now I'm on page 79 of The Secret of the Great Pyramid, by Bob Brier and Jean-Pierre Houdin.

Here are some reviews:

"Houdin's theory solves many mysteries about the huge structure."
~Scientific American

"The authors' prose is lucid, aided by drawings and photos, and the theories are intriguing."
~Publishers Weekly

"A serious attempt at a new explanation for one of the oldest Egyptological mysteries."
~Peter Der Manuelian, Giza Archives Project Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"It's a plausible theory, well-illustrated, and makes a useful addition to the always seductive study of pyramids... An intriguing new twist to an old enigma."
~Kirkus Reviews

I'm fascinated by this well-written factual book. Yes, it's a hard read for two reasons: The print is small (hard for me to read). And it's not your average fictional novel. (smile) I had the same issues reading the book on George Washington -- but at least this has paragraphs that aren't half a page long!

Anyway, I'd guess I'm around 1/3 of the way through, and excited to read more. This has a remarkable theory that the Great Pyramid was built from the INSIDE out -- and there's every reason to believe this is true. Very interesting stuff, anyway.

No, it's not 'light' reading -- but that's NOT one of my personal requirements for summertime reading, so no worries!

I may need to buy this one, by the way. It seems like a book worth owning!

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