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Busy Day -- Bday Lunch with Kris -- Clown Pizza Party Fun!

Marilyn and I both had very busy days at the festival office today. I continue to be very impressed by Ashley, who is such a trooper!

Kris came by to tackle the phone situation. Then Marilyn and I took him to lunch for his birthday, which was June 25. So nice to have a meal with Kris!

Kris and I discussed our summer IT Projects list and started making plans to get work done. There's a lot of it, that's for sure!

We got Ashley working on the front computer and phone as an Operator -- finally! With some help from Rudy (but mainly due to Kris). But we still have issues. Annoying ones, but we're making do, so it's okay for now, I guess.

Anyway, there was a lot to do, so we were in a rush to head out for the Clown Pizza Party. But we made it in plenty of time -- and even beat Angel getting there, and he left the Rose Building at the same time we did...

It was great seeing the Clown group (sans clown makeup and costumes) and visiting with them.

So now we're home and ready for naps. Marilyn is on the family room sofa. Colin Kitty is near me as I type this. Henry is on the back of the big chair.

Tomorrow is our 'Monday' for this week -- making up for the fact that Monday was a holiday. So Marilyn and I are facing four days off! (woo hoo) Logan and Laura would love to play tennis this weekend, so we may take them up on it.

The weather was really HOT today, but I'm not complaining. Summer is here! And that's a good thing.

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