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HOT Day...

Summer is here, no doubt. At noon the temperature was 89° -- it's supposed to get into the high 90's...

We always seem to go directly from the 60's to the 90's, for whatever reason.

I'm not complaining, anyway. I'm glad summer has finally arrived!

I've been cleaning up and organizing in my home office. And I loaded the dishwasher and fed my crows (and assorted others). We're delaying (postponing) the eNewsletter into next week (fine by me), so that's on the back burner. This is a short week, so that's a good plan.

I'm also trying to study our phone system for the festival office, which I've never had time to get to know all that well, I'm afraid. It's very complicated. Very. And it's now pretty essential I understand the front end better. (I generally concentrate on the back end, as I use the phones so little myself.)

So, that's today, anyway. I need to start the garbage and recycling, I guess, as it is Wednesday. I've taken out some recycling, but that's about it so far...

Funny moment: The phone rings and I answer, "This is Charlie" -- thinking it's the office calling. It's my doctor's assistant. She asks me to set up an appointment to get the results of my recent lab work. I'm puzzled and ask, "You mean, besides my appointment for next Tuesday?" She's clearly unaware I have an appointment, but then says she'll see me Tuesday. Weird, huh? Anyway, I'm glad I already had my appointment set before she called...

Tags: 2010, cleaning, dishwasher, doctor, enewsletter, festival-phones, garbage-and-recycling, hot, july-2010, weather

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