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Busy Work Day.

Today was a busy day working at the office after our five-day holiday weekend for the Fourth of July. It may seem like a lot, but the nice thing is that the entire office all had it off, so it means none of us were generating work for one another -- and that's a very good thing. This is a nice little 'bonus' directly after the end of the festival, and we've all really earned it...

But, yeah, there was a TON to get done today. And we were all pretty well slammed, with a long list of things we need to get done this summer. No worries -- we're certainly up to it!

I also took time to set up a doctor's appointment, which isn't happening this week -- but is happening next Tuesday, happily. (That was the best I could do, I'm afraid.)

The 1:00 meeting today about our Memorial Day March went really well. I like the two guys from the Oregon National Guard (Joe and Brian) -- and I thought they had valid things to say.

On the IT side, the phones are FUBAR, I'm afraid. Kris is coming in on Thursday, as Marilyn and I are taking him to lunch (belatedly) to celebrate his birthday. He's going to tackle the phone issue with Rudy from Inflow (our phone providers), whom I talked with this afternoon. I tried repeatedly to set things up with no success. Ashley was a trooper during all of this, and we found a work-around that kept us up and running today, anyway. It CAN extend through the week and beyond, if necessary -- but I'd love to resolve it, instead!

I need to get an eNewsletter out this week, so hopefully we'll get cracking on that tomorrow! My plan is to stay home and work on that project here.

I did get three cubes cleaned out today. Plus I cleaned out all of the Intern cubes, too. We moved Megan into one of the cleared larger cubes to make it easier for her to do the Sponsor audits (she was working away like mad on those today). Laura is working on the coin counters that didn't work and we're stuck with, as well as tying up loose ends for WFV. She and I got sandwiches from Subway today and had those at the table upstairs. That's also were Marilyn held our Staff meeting this morning, with all of us now easily fitting around the table...

There's much more to report, but that's the high points for the day, anyway. Amanda was here for Marilyn's therapy tonight. Her shoulder is certainly improving, as was very apparent when we played tennis yesterday! (woo hoo)

Marilyn gets Friday off, to make up for Monday, which she normally gets off now until the end of the year (and which was the holiday for everyone this week). We're talking about taking a road trip, so we'll see what happens with that...

And it was GREAT FUN showing off the new car at work today! We're really loving it, believe me.

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