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Back to Work Tomorrow...

I guess I should head to bed, as it's heading toward 1:30 a.m. now. We're back to work tomorrow, with Jeff gone on vacation and Marilyn in charge.

It's going to be a tough week as we start working out who will be doing what now that we've lost four members of our Staff. And it will simply be a little sad to have it be so quiet without our seasonal people and interns, as well as those folks who've been around for years in some cases...

I don't think that I ever mentioned getting my hair colored. And we got our pedicures and manicures. (But we never did get around to going to tan...) We need to go to Costco one of these days, I guess. And maybe to Walmart, too. As Marilyn says, it's always something...

It was fun driving to the beach with sister Sue and Mitch. We stopped at McDonalds on the the way (for sandwiches and fries), knowing we wanted to play Fascination right away. Wow, was it PACKED there! We finally found a place to park, then went to Coverall Fascination, which was half over by then. After we headed to have dinner and we even walked down to see the beach which was covered with people! Then back for more Fascination, before heading home. We listened to a couple American CDs, as none of our iPods were charged! But the new car has a six-load CD player (!!!) that works really well. So it's nice to use when we don't have a charged iPod around...

We like to listen to those songs for the Fourth of July each year -- and Mitch told us some interesting things about one of the arrangements, which was cool.

Well, I'm off. I should get up and wash my hair tomorrow -- maybe. Or not. It's not awful, so I guess it doesn't matter that much...

I still need to set up my appointment to see my doctor for the results of my blood work from last week. And I'm supposed to meet with the guy from Trane about the controls for our air conditioning at the festival office tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then later in the week, I guess...

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