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Happy Birthday, Colin Farrell!

Well, when you're a huge Colin fan -- and run a Colin list (and Colin-related lists) at Yahoo! Groups -- then you have to acknowledge Colin's birthday (of course)! He turns 29 today. (Just a baby, really! Not even 30.)

Well, for those interested, Mistress Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did a little Bday Banner. It turned out pretty cute! (grin)

Today (well, officially yesterday) was (as always) a work day for us (Memorial Day in the U.S. -- and a holiday for most). Busy day for us, though!

We went to 'float manueverability' after work (starting at 5:00 pm). I need to put up some of the many (many) pictures I took! (One float caught fire as we were departing. Big drama!)

I knocked a crown loose chewing an apple! Now I need to see if I can get in tomorrow morning (or Wednesday) and get it fixed. (Emergency-type thing, as my free time is limited during the festival.) Damn tooth! Can you believe after Marilyn's dental woes that this happened??? And I'm nervous to chew on that side until it's fixed. (Can't afford to break off the stub of tooth left when my dentist drills the tooth down for a crown! Ugh.)

Marilyn wrote an awesome drabble for our Contest at our Colin-Farrell-Slash list!

We're giving away a new copy of the "Tigerland" DVD to the winner of the contest, being held in Colin's honor for his bday... (Assuming we get a decent amount of entries, that is!)

My PA meeting (at the office) is tomorrow afternoon. I need to pick up some 'goodies' for it tomorrow morning. And get kitty litter for Wednesday (garbage day). And maybe a few essential groceries, seeing as we won't have time to shop again until who-knows-when.

Thursday is the Coronation (first actual day of the festival). Saturday is Starlight Parade (the one I script for PA).

Indy seems a little better, but I need to be poking more meds down him. (Well, there's an ointment for his eyes. That needs to be smeared on...) I can't recall if I mentioned him being sick or not! (To the tune of $153 -- but who's counting? Actually, $164 -- but we got $11 off for the cat food I returned that they hated and wouldn't eat...)

The stiches for Marilyn's oral surgery are stunning, as in I-was-shocked-at-how-many (stunned). They run across the top of her gum in the front. There must be at least 8 stiches! (No wonder she was in pain...) The swelling seems almost entirely gone, anyway, which is a very good thing!

Friend Joey fatjoey is writing a very hot little ficlet for the above-mentioned contest. He could win with that sexy piece! But he says he'll donate the DVD back if he does, seeing as he actually already owns it. (Like that matters! He can always watch our copy at our house, which he's more likely to do than watch it at his place...)

We got some flowers planted tonight. Bought them yesterday and planted when we got back from the above-mentioned float thing... So that's a start, anyway! (Doubt we'll plant more until after the Grand Floral Parade, but you never know!

What else?

I think I've got a couple of entries 'pending' that I wrote but never added here. (Typical.) I can't keep track when we're busy like this. My bad!

Well, it's 2:30 am, so we need to head to bed! Early morning tomorrow...

Oh! Almost forgot! We actually did go see "Revenge of the Sith" on Saturday! More thoughts on that soon...

Happy Birthday, Colin! (smile) I hope he has a terrific day. (Gotta love a man who'll screw women more than twice his age...) You know, I need a Colin icon!!! I'm having to use my 'Jim Street -- shattered' icon, because I don't have one just of Colin...

[EDIT!!! I made a new Colin 'work it' icon to use!!! (smile)]


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