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Our New Car -- We Get it Today!

As I mentioned in my (very brief) entry yesterday, Marilyn and I finally went to get our new car yesterday.

What I didn't mention is that we're replacing a car that is 13 years old, has more than 160,000 miles and currently is without air conditioning. We've put a lot of $$$ into in the last several months and were unwilling to put $1,000 more in order to fix the air conditioning. Don't get me wrong: We've loved this car. But it needs some major work that will cost a lot more $$$, so it was simply time for us to get a new car. Our current car (recently named Alamo and nicknamed 'Mo') is a black Honda Accord. We had a dark blue Honda Prelude prior to it.

Our new car is being driven down from a dealership in Seattle (Washington) today, so we'll get it this evening. There are very few of these on the market yet, so that's what we had to do to get the COLOR we wanted -- and you know, the color is pretty important!

Anyway, this will be our third Honda in a row, as we're getting the Honda Accord Crosstour, purchased from Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda. We bought our car from Bob Cittadini (whom you can read about HERE), during their Red, White & You sale (cute, huh?).

Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda - Red, White & You sale

Time for a photo share! We don't have our actual car yet (duh), so these should be close to what it looks like.

Honda Accord Crosstour

Honda Accord Crosstour

Honda Accord Crosstour

Those interested can read all about it by downloading the PDF online.

And the next photos I share will be the REAL DEAL, with Marilyn and me next to our new baby! (smile)

Gotta dash. I need to color my hair (I'm way overdue), we have to go get (ouch) pedicures and manicures (ugh) and then we need to tan again. It's a nasty, rainy day -- and Marilyn has already been working (festival stuff) this morning.

We did run down to Seaside, Oregon late yesterday with sister Sue, by the way. We got down in time to have dinner, before going to play Fascination Coverall at 8:00 p.m. I'm still a bit under the weather, so I dozed in the back seat (wrapped in my blankie) on the ride there.

More later!

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