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Under the Weather Today...

I'm just a little under the weather today. (sigh)

I think I've been fighting off a small bug for a couple of days. I've had a sore throat and felt tired and just not myself. I'm not desperately ill by a long shot, so I'll be able to go to work tomorrow and Wednesday, no worries. But, yeah, I feel crummy today.

I did do a load of dishes, some minor (very) festival work and messed with our deck umbrella, even so. So the day wasn't a total waste. Plus I made a blend for a header for one of our LiveJournal communities, too.

I had a list of things I really needed to get done today, but only checked off part of those things. I didn't feel up to doing my hair, so whatever. It can wait.

Sister Sue invited me to go to lunch (or Starbucks) with her today, but I honestly did not feel up to it. (Considering I love to meet up with her, you can tell I was feeling lousy.)

I did set my appointment to have a fasting lab appointment on Thursday, at 9:45 -- nothing to eat or drink except water, diet soda, plain coffee and or tea, but I need to take in a lot of liquids. (That's for a blood draw, to be specific. July 1.) Then I need to get in to see my doctor sometime soon, too.

Our entire Staff is getting a five-day weekend for the Fourth of July! (woo hoo) No doubt we've all earned it, after the weeks and months of hard work and long hours -- but we're excited, even so! Can't wait. It's almost like a whole extra vaca. (grin)

Well, Marilyn's home and napping (she had a VERY early meeting this morning), so I'm headed for a nap, too. Maybe I'll feel better after some sleep...

One can always hope!

Tags: doctor-appointment, festival, fourth-of-july, june-2010, long-weekend, marilyn, nap, sick, work

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