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A Visit With My Friend June (and Husband, Jim)

I got a nice email from my friend June, who lives next door. I haven't talked to her in ages, so I phoned and asked if I could come by to see her. She agreed and I went over around 12:30 (after washing my hair). We spent hours talking and I didn't come back home until around 4:30!

I visited mostly with June, but also with her husband, Jim. I didn't know June had surgery on her back, and hadn't heard the latest about her home. They bought a lovely new couch for the front room, for example. The interesting thing? They literally had to REMOVE the front window to get the old sofa out, because it was so large! It was there when June and Jim moved in, because it literally was impossible to get it out without taking out the front window! Her living room looked so much larger without that huge piece of furniture. And Jim had repainted the room and it was so bright and nice.

My friend June

I was sorry to see our visit end, so hopefully I'll get a chance to see her again, soon!

While I was visiting next door, Marilyn went to get her hair done. It turned out really nice, of course. She told me that a woman who was also there getting her hair done asked Trin-a (Marilyn's hairdresser) why Marilyn was getting her hair done at all, as she certainly didn't appear to need it! I have to say that Marilyn's hair ALWAYS looks good to me -- and you should hear what compliments other people say. She has what I like to call 'movie star hair.' (smile)

When Marilyn got home we ran a bunch of errands (there are still things we need to get done as our vacation winds to an end).

I, too, need to do my hair (color it). Maybe tomorrow...

I'm creeping up on 1,200 Followers at Twitter (I think 3 short), by the way. I had to stop Following a bunch of people, because I'd maxed out at 2,000 -- something I didn't know could happen until it did! So I'm currently Following 1,560. Supposedly there's some method about how many people Follow you as to how many you can Follow -- so I'll have to try and keep a better balance from now on. I haven't been Tweeting all that much lately, but I've been pretty active at Facebook, as a rule.

We're going to work out a plan for managing the Social Media at work, with Laura about to finish up her Seasonal role with the festival. I guess we'll share out the work, which makes sense. Thankfully I have a lot of experience now with my own Social Media, so that should make it all a lot easier!

We had another beautifully and hot summer day. Rafa Nadal won his Wimbledon match in five sets (!!!). Andy Murray won in three and will now face 18th seed Sam Querrey. More tennis to come! Hopefully we'll get a chance to play some soon!

Well, I guess that's it for today!

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