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Important Mentions for Today...

In serious and IMPORTANT mentions for today (aside from vaca things)... I didn't really want to include this with my last post, so I hope nobody minds me spamming with a second entry. (smile)

Today is the BIRTHDAY of my wonderful IT Consultant and FRIEND, Kris! Here are two photos of him, as he's also a member of our Clown Corps! Marilyn and I plan to take him to lunch to celebrate next week!

Birthday boy Kris
Kris | Kris as a clown!

And I got a phone call from my friend John and was sad to hear she's been in the hospital, gravely ill. Her partner Lily got sick in May, then John got her bug and after being down for so long got a blood clot in her leg! Any time you're in the hospital for a week you know it's serious business. Happily she's recovering. All good thoughts and prayers are much appreciated, thanks!

My friend John
My dear friend John

John talked about taking a train out some day to see us. I guess she and Lily have discussed how much they'd like to do that. Marilyn and I have never met Lily -- and it's been years since we've seen John -- so this would be grand. But as John and I agreed, we feel close in spite of the distances between us. I really love this special woman!

Marilyn finished a fanfic yesterday and it's really WONDERFUL! If you're into fanfic and slash, let me know and I'll gladly share a link where you can read. (It's "Lancer," by the way.) She's been getting GREAT feedback all day long (deservedly so).

Sister Sue is away at another cribbage tournament this weekend (she left this morning). My friend Phooty (in her 80's) dropped by the festival office today to pick up her photos. I was sorry to miss her, but we'll try and connect with her later on -- and maybe do lunch...
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