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A Successful Planting Day for Marilyn and Me!

Marilyn and I feel quite accomplished tonight! We did our first round of planting today and really got a lot done!

We decided we needed to move one of the really HUGE pots out from under the lilac. It doesn't drain, so it's FULL of water and reeks like a swamp (!!!). So I used a large shovel to half-empty it into another bucket, and drug both of them outside the fence where they'll get more sun and (hopefully) the soil can dry out. My hope is to somehow puncture the bottom of the plastic pot so it will drain in the future. Otherwise we'll just get rid of it...

Marilyn immediately started in laying out flowers and cleaning out pots and moving the furniture to the spot where she sprays it off to clean it. She was everywhere working away. I managed NOT to topple head first into the pot I was dragging (!!!), but just barely! After dragging those two containers, I had to sit and rest, pretty much useless for ages.

I did go out and clean out the front bed by the porch. It was FULL of ants that went crazy, grabbing up eggs and climbing up my hands and arms (ugh) and running everywhere. I considered killing them, then decided to leave them alone. I later planted the begonias as we do each year, figuring the ants can share with us -- if they can survive watering, that is. (It seems to me we've 'shared' in previous seasons, so we'll see...)

I re-potted several plants, including two hostas. And we rearranged and planted away. We'll get another batch of flowers soon, but today's work gave us a good start!

Photo share!!!

impatiens laid out
BEFORE: Impatiens laid out ready to plant

impatiens planted
AFTER: Impatiens have been planted

begonias ready to plant
Begonias ready to plant in the front bed

drying out soil
Drying out the reeking soil

plants under lilac bush
Plants under the lilac bush

new strawberry plant
Our new strawberry plant from Zimmerman House

Henry helps out
Henry helps out (smile)

begonia in front bed
A begonia in the front flower bed
I took this well after dark...

Dad's leggy mum
Dad's leggy mum

volunteer fern
Volunteer fern

corner roses
Corner roses

Those last three photos are of existing plants. The 'leggy' mum is the one we got for Dad's memorial the year he died. I always think of it as 'Dad's Mum' (smile). Dad actually loved mums and often gave them to Mom as gifts. The sad thing was that Mom didn't really care for them, so she wasn't all that happy when he gave them... Poor Dad! He never did get it.

The volunteer fern is in the corner bed and is one of two really lovely ferns! We got one at Zimmerman House and will probably put it back there near them. I adore ferns, personally, and am really happy when they do well.

The rose photo is from the giant rose bushes in the corner of the yard under my bedroom window. They've grown out of control, as usual -- and always do well every year.

And, yes, both of our cats (Colin and Henry) were outside 'helping' us for much of the time! (smile)

Marilyn hosed off the furniture and will scrub it down soon. Then we just need to clean up a bit more and we'll be ready to have guests over to enjoy! As for us, we're already enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Go, US!!!
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