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Bought Some Plants Today!

We started our day with Wimbledon tennis -- the incredible Isner/Mahut match! Isner and Mahut eclipsed every record in the book in their first-round match which ended until tomorrow when called for darkness. The score is currently: 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (9-7), 6-7 (3-7), 59-59. They played for ten hours, with only one quick bathroom break! Amazing. Just think how fit they both are!

Later Marilyn and I drove all the way to St. Helens to get flowers to plant. Um, that so did not work out for us! First off, we tried Fred Meyers. We've frequently had luck there, but not this year. Then we tried a plant place and struck out.

This wouldn't have been such a pain, except driving the car with no air conditioning is a pain, and it was HOT today -- and that was a long way to go. So it was pretty miserable.

We came back to our own neighborhood and went to our local Freddies and scored! So we have both begonias and impatiens to plant, both of which we get every year. Begonias work well for sunny spots and impatiens for shady spots. Later we'll get more plants, but this is always a good start. And we bought new garden gloves, as we left ours out last year and they were ruined. (They were bad anyway, so oh well...)

Here's a photo share!

impatiens and begonias
Impatiens and begonias

pink begonias
Pink begonias

potting soil
We needed potting soil


We have some plants from last year that are growing nicely, too...

A leggy yellow mum


ground cover
Some unknown ground cover
(with pale violet blossoms)

And roses (of course!)

So we were hot and tired and took a nap in our nicely air conditioned (!!!) house. No worries, we'll plant tomorrow or Friday. Plus we have the items from the plant sale at Vista House to plant, too!

This evening we played our latest Hidden Object Game on the computer, which is much fun! And split a Chelada (yum). Today was actually a true summery day (woo hoo). We're a bit concerned we won't be getting many of those...

All we've had to eat today was a brunch of eggs and toast, plus various snacks during the day. So even though it's late, I'm going to fix us dinner now.

Then I need to finish the garbage and recycling before we head to bed.

Oh. And I spoke briefly with neighbor Jim while out feeding the crows (and other critters). I haven't seen him in ages...
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