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Can You Say 'Idiot'? I Can...

So, we're back from working in the office and our ride up the Gorge. And I'm cleaning up the living room to get ready for Amanda to come...

And I see my confetti tube from San Antonio. I pick it up and say "I wonder if there's any confetti left in this?" Then I do the wrist flick and throw confetti all over the living room! I manage to scare both cats and make an additional mess to clean up. (sigh)

I do that. It's all good.

So after Marilyn's therapy I'm talking to Amanda and telling her about what I did. I pick up the tube for a sort of 'show and tell' moment. I flick the tube. Guess what? It's still got a TON of confetti inside and throws it all over the living room! I kid you not.

Amanda and I are on our hands and knees picking up confetti. It's actually pretty cool how MUCH confetti they pack into these tubes! It's about 14 inches long and an inch in diameter, I guess. And covered with glittery holographic paper outside. Very cool!

The tube came from San Antonio, Texas (back in April). In spite of two messes today (smile), I'm glad I brought it back home with me!

But me? I'm seriously not that bright. Amanda told me to 'do it again,' but I can now see through the tube, so I actually know for sure it's empty. Um, duh, Charlie. Why didn't you figure that out before?

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