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Henry's Birthday! (woo hoo)

Some may find this interesting! I did. (I read it very Roger Ebert on Twitter.)

Online article: Meet The Only Two People Who Hate "Toy Story 3"

Today is Henry's birthday.

Well, to be more accurate, this is the day we originally got Henry (back in 2007). He was maybe several weeks old then, but when I needed a 'birthday' for him at Facebook and so on, this seemed good. It helps US to remember the date, anyway!

So it was ADORABLE when people began wishing him a 'Happy Birthday' at Facebook today! Marilyn and I made it a special day for him, giving him extra attention and making over him and playing with him. He's such a good boy!

We're going to buy him some toys when we go shopping, too. Nothing big or special, but maybe some new hair ties (he's always losing them) or something. He's pretty easy to please!

And we'll do the same for Colin's 'birthday' (August 30, which I mentioned HERE back in 2006), when it comes around! (grin)

We took the car to get it washed one last time, before we get our new one. It DIED at the carwash (no idea why), but they got it running for us so we didn't have to call AAA.

We played games today and watched Wimbledon tennis and pretty much lazed around.

But we did both WORK, too, for the record. And we'll do more work (festival-related, I mean) before vacation is over. That's how it goes...

Anyway, both Marilyn and I are enjoying vaca!

Amanda comes tomorrow, so I might even vacuum the living room before then. Maybe.

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