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Twitter Tools: FriendorFollow.Com and Qwitter

Did I mention that I maxed out at Twitter on who I could Follow? There's a built-in limit of 2,000 apparently. At some point this increases, but I'm not sure exactly HOW that happens.

So I needed to Unfollow some people, to allow me to be able to Follow others. But here's the thing! The first of the year when I got really interested in Twitter, I did a lot of really random Following. And I certainly didn't keep track of any of it. So what I wanted to do now was Unfollow people who aren't Following me. (That of course doesn't include news services, celebrities and such -- I get that these won't Follow me back. But I have lots and lots of others to pick from.)

So HOW do I easily figure out who is Following me that I'm Following?

Well, last night I did some research and found this really useful Twitter tool: FriendorFollow.Com

It does just that!

I also use Qwitter, a service that emails you and tells you when someone STOPS Following you.

So now I've eliminated a lot of the above-mentioned random Following -- and am able to Follow those I really WANT to Follow! And I don't need to worry about that limit (for now).

It's hard to believe both of these amazing services are FREE of charge! If you're active at Twitter, I totally recommend you give them a try.

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