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Countin' Down the Hours!

Yes, I'm workin' away. But regardless, I'm countin' down the HOURS left until vacation! (woo hoo)

If I'm this ready for vaca, just imagine how ready Marilyn must be! (smile)

A group of us actually took a lunch break (!!!) together today: Marilyn, Rich, Tiffany, Christie and me. We went to the Lotus Cardroom & Cafe, which is only a few blocks away. (It's where we went for Story day, too, actually -- but we were in a back room then.)

Most of us had burgers, which were yummy! No adult beverages (we were heading back to WORK, after all), but it would be fun to go there after hours sometime and indulge. (grin)

I feel VERY accomplished, having set up Marilyn's new work computer today. She's using it as I type this, which solved the entire corrupted Outlook profile issue we were dealing with yesterday. Besides, I got two new computers MONTHS back -- one for Carol and one for Marilyn. Both of them had the oldest computers in here, so they needed the new ones (which I got very inexpensively through Kris). Carol's been using her machine for ages, but Marilyn was reluctant to change. Now she's on a decent machine -- WITH a working Outlook! It's pretty hard to function here at the festival if you have any issues with getting and sending emails!!!

I also installed software Rich needed on his computer. And used Belarc Advisor on two computers to get the stats I required. Kris is the one who originally turned me on to it. But when I needed stats this morning, I went on a hunt for free applications that could help and 'discovered' it all over again! I was already using it when Kris phoned me back to tell me what it was and where to get it... If you've ever needed to know all about your PC, this is the way to go! You can make a print out of the stats that's really handy. And if you've ever LOST the serial number to an installed application, this will pull it up for you! Handy, yes?

Anyway, I should get back to work. Tomorrow Marilyn and I go to "Toy Story 3" (as I mentioned previously), using the free tickets from Angel -- can't wait! And we've been thinking Taco Bell for dinner tonight! Okay, you eat what you like, we'll eat what we like. And as crazy as it sounds, Taco Bell is a long-standing tradition for us -- especially during the festival! No cooking, easy to get and yummy. Plus look at how far your $$$ go at Taco Bell? Gotta love it!

We might be car shoppin' next week, with any luck! And Wimbledon 2010 starts soon! (woo hoo)

Summer, we welcome you! (Continued RAIN or no...)

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