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Marilyn's Outlook at Work -- Step Two

Tomorrow I'll go to the office with Marilyn and try to fix the Outlook issue. We'll see how it goes!

Friday marks our one last day before vaca -- we're really looking forward to that week off, I'm telling you!

Angel gave us his tickets to go to "Toy Story 3" on Saturday. We're really excited to see it! Marilyn had to rearrange her hair appointment, but she did that, so we're all set.

I finished reading "Shutter Island," by Dennis Lehane. I think he's an amazingly good writer, by the way. Now Marilyn and I want to (finally) see the movie "Shutter Island" (featuring Leonardo DiCaprio). We'd planned to see it on the big screen, but whatever...

I also finally!!!) finished reading "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," by Seth Grahame-Smith (loaned to me by Angel). It's hard to finish reading novels during the festival, as there's just not enough free time to read! Yes, it was an amazing read -- far more interesting than you'd suspect, considering. I personally feel the author did a good job of connecting me to Abe, vampire hunter or no. You'll have to read for yourself and tell me what YOU think... (smile)

I had a lovely bath in Marilyn's jacuzzi before, and then a lovely nap. And now as it pushes midnight here, I'm planning to go back to bed and see if I can get a good night's sleep. Yes, I'm still tired and still happy to think of sleeping more!

I had time to actually READ and COMMENT here at LiveJournal today -- and am planning to do more of the same in future days, I'm happy to report! I even did some work around the HOUSE today (dishes, putting things away, arranging shelves, moving books from downstairs to upstairs and more). It felt so nice! Again, my future should hold more of the same, now that the festival is over...

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