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Clean-Up and Organize Time...

The festival is over, but the work certainly isn't.

I'm still tackling IT -- in fact, Marilyn has a rather major issue today with her Outlook at work. Kris and I tried to work on it, but didn't get very far. He needed to split for an appointment (taking his mother to the doctor), so I guess we'll be messing with that more this afternoon. Whatever it takes, Marilyn MUST have her email working!

I spent ages cleaning out my own work Outlook. I took myself from number 10 in the Top Ten (largest), down to 12! And from there I went from size: 366,733 for items: 23,690 to size: 337,094 to items: 23,673 (still 12, however). The fascinating thing to me is that though Marilyn and I have a lot of items (after so many years, that's natural) for our size. Most people there don't come close to me for amount of items, in spite of being larger than I am (!!!). And Marilyn is so diligent about it! Seriously. She's the one who is amazing.

Anyway, my Unread at WORK is down to 29 (Inbox 31). I use Unread as my personal 'To Do,' so this is really good! At HOME my Inbox is my 'To Do' -- and is currently at 23 emails. That's very cool!

We slept good last night, but are both still tired. Marilyn, having been sick, has more reason than me! But she seems to be getting better -- not that she missed a SINGLE DAY due to illness, mind you. She came home early ONCE during that entire time, and worked incredible hours under high stress the rest of the time. (Most people could never do that, frankly, so I simply have to mention it. She's just so far above the rest of us. That's all there is to it.)

I did eat lunch, by the way. And made myself a pot of coffee this morning and really enjoyed it! Right now I'm yawning like mad, but I'll pull it together when Kris needs me again...

More coffee might be a plan!

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