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Recovery? Yes.

Poor Marilyn is still sick. She's clearly had some bug since last Friday -- which, I might add, didn't keep her from working long and hard during the actual festival (including her biggest day of the year, GFP day!). Sometimes being sick isn't an option (and I note that Karen was there for Junior Parade, in spite of being terribly sick, too).

But Marilyn did come home after half a day at work.

Me? I never worked at ALL today! Well, I did mess around with the WFV folders/files that need to be transferred back to the Server. I used my OWN external hard drive for this, and have discovered there's a worm there somewhere (!!!). So I'm really reluctant to put the folders back on the Server. We can't risk infecting the entire Server, after all. Anyway, I did spend some time on THAT! But that's honestly about it.

While waiting for Marilyn to come home I sat playing Zuma. When she got home we ate and both played Zuma. Then we had a long nap! And watched random TV. And ate comfort food and played more Zuma. And now we'll probably watch more TV and nap more.

Marilyn especially needs this rest, being ill. She's not able to take a day off until this weekend. By my math, as of today she's gone 30 days without a day off. By Saturday it'll have been 33 days. And not just any 33 days, either. 33 really long and really hard days. This is the only short day among those. Most days have been an average of 14 hours, plus!

Many of us at the office are so tired our brains are literally not working that well. We're all searching for names of people or common words! I guess after a certain amount of time with so much intensity, long hours and little sleep, our poor brains are fried.

Nothing some sleep, relaxation and time off can't fix, as we've been here before. This year was additionally difficult due to bad weather and other problems, I'm afraid. But we'll survive it. We always do!

The next big gear up will be IFEA Pinnacle Awards! We need to start preparing our submissions as they have to be in next month. And vacations need to be reasoned out and so on.

This year it's just NOT going to work for us to take off a week in July. We'll make do with some long weekends and let it go. Marilyn is planning to take off next week, though!

Tomorrow is our Story day, where we share things that happened to us during the festival. So I need to reason out what I'm going to say...

On that note, time for TV -- or another nap!

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