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Traveling Outside the U.S.A.? Get a Big Carry-on (and Bigger Suitcase)!

I was picking up the kitchen with the "Today" on in the background. Listening, but not really watching, in other words. Al Roaker was talking with Dr. Keri Peterson about planning ahead for traveling to other countries: what vaccinations you need, how to take along your prescription meds and what additional medical supplies (bandages, etc.) you need.

All meds in ORIGINAL bottles? But let's be sure you have them in your carry-on AND suitcase! You know, that's a lot of space and weight right there!

But the additional supplies FLOORED me! You'd need a carry-on just for this stuff. And good luck lifting it! (Yeah, I did look at the screen at this point...)

It was one of the least practical advice bits I've ever seen, I swear.

Not that I need to worry, as we're not going anywhere outside America in the foreseeable future... But still!

Best thing about it? It made me smile. It almost made me laugh out loud, it was so stupid. I guess we should be glad for humor, whatever the source!

ETA: Forgot to share the link to the "Today" show VIDEO.

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