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It's Almost Over for 2010!

We've almost survived another year! It's very close now!

Marilyn and Robert rode the Big Sling (that's been right outside her window for ages now)! They were both very brave, which I can attest to as an eye witness!

We ate a bunch of Waterfront Village food and bought some goodies and then came home. You can tell we're close to heading back to normal, as we both just played some Zuma... (smile)

We're thinking about getting an On Demand movie, having a beer and lazing.

Yes, we have work tomorrow -- and now Marilyn is saying she might not take a day off until the weekend. She hasn't had a day off since May 15...

It's not as easy for me to say when I've had a day off, because when I'm home I still work. But I guess you could say I've had many days off, if we're going by when I actually work in the office...

Anyway, there will be plenty to do this week, I'm sure, even if the festival is officially over.

Movie time? Or nap time, I guess!

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