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Busy. Happy. Busy. Crazy. Busy. GOOD!

When I last spoke to Marilyn she was talking about coming home. We're supposed to dash out to tan tonight.

I just made a very down-and-dirty video clip of Savannah Outen from last night's concert at WFV. It's now up on our Home page. The idea is to keep cycling in new and interesting things as we go along... It's just tough to get enough current photos for slideshows and to prepare even rough vids quickly to upload. I try, anyway!

Marilyn's had a crazy-busy day -- far more so than my own. I stayed home again so I could get out the eNewsletter, which turned out pretty decent, if I do say so myself. It's probably the most pretty version for 2010, anyway. But, man, was there a TON of Copy to cover! (yikes) So far nobody has unsubbed (shock), but we'll see what happens in the next couple of days... It's actually getting so more people tend to unsub after getting our eBulletins, which are far more commercial than the eNewsletters. All I know is we sent out a lot less this year than last. These past two weeks are the only time we've doubled up all season.

Tomorrow our friends Virginia and Bill from San Antonio will drop by the office for a tour! I'm so excited to see them -- and glad they decided to come. I hope they enjoy their trip.

I guess that's it for now!

Tags: 2010, busy, enewsletter, festival, festival-website, june-2010, marilyn, san-antonio, video, virginia-and-bill

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