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Garbage and Recycling? Here I Come!

Busy day? That goes without saying, of course! We're days away from the end of the 2010 festival, so... But Marilyn had a GOOD day with GOOD meetings, I'm happy to say! She usually dreads this day, so it's great that it went so smoothly.

I did take a break and go to lunch with sister Sue and her grandkids, Levi and Abby. I took along my camera, but neither child wanted to have photos taken, so I didn't even bother to download what I got. They were all that good. (A shame, as they've grown a ton since I last posted photos. But that's how it goes...) We went for Mexican food, partly so I could bring food home to have for dinner, which worked out great, by the way! It was wild at the restaurant, but they're really cute little things, all in all.

I spent most of the day working on the latest eNewsletter. I got several suggestions back about tweaking it, and in all honesty felt most of them weren't necessary. (And, no, it's not necessary to capitalize the word 'noon' -- unless it starts a paragraph, or is part of a proper name. That was one of the suggested corrections I received...) I suppose I WILL be making changes tomorrow (to please others), but I'll be checking those with MARILYN, first. (She knows far more about this than I do, and certainly more than anyone else in our office. Her word goes with me, because she understand the mechanics of language so damn well!

The graphics and layout turned out nicely -- at least, so far! I tweaked it and tweaked it, wanting it to be 'just so' this time. Of course, any changes to the Copy change this, too. (sigh) So I'll be tweaking it again, undoubtedly. This is the last eNewsletter of the festival (which ends Sunday), so I want it to really SHINE!

Marilyn came home from work in time to get me so we could go back to WFV and see Savannah Outen's concert. What an amazing young performer (she's 17)! I have a feeling we'll be saying we knew her when. Not long ago she performed with Jordin Sparks in California. But the turn out sucked, I'm afraid. The weather is a mess.

I also did MORE website stuff -- with more I need to do right away. It's okay, I want to keep it as current as possible right now!

I need to go do the garbage and recycling, as it's Wednesday -- and I haven't even started it! I sort of forgot it was Wednesday. The days get a little blurry right now, I have to admit. I hope it not pouring out now. (Hi, Dad! Dad and I always talked about rain on garbage night...)

Oh! I finally got to wear my new boots! They're so cute! I need to get a photo of them!

Marilyn's napping, and I will be soon, too. Then I'll get up and do the garbage and recycling before BED. Sleep is soooooooo very great this time of year! I'm looking forward to it!

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