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Festival Busy. Very Busy.

Today was another busy day. I'm not complaining -- but if anyone should be, it would be Marilyn!

She got up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready to be at work for a 6:00 a.m. TV interview. An interview that didn't end up happening!

That's so incredibly unprofessional and rude that I'm floored. She has enough to do without being treated this way -- especially when getting enough rest is near to impossible. It made me very angry when I heard about it...

We're pretty much all tired. Now Marilyn says Jeff is getting sick, and Karen is sick (and had her parade tomorrow). How does that suck? Plus Marilyn was exposed to them (me, too), and she was sneezing like crazy a bit ago.

She didn't get home again from work until 9:00. We got fast food (I don't want to hear it, so save it) and ate another late dinner -- which beats not eating at all. Yeah, I could have cooked, but I'm TIRED and don't feel like it.

She's on the couch downstairs getting ready to nap. I'm headed to bed shortly, hoping I'll be able to sleep. It's so hard for me lately. I wake up every couple of hours.

But we've only got to hang in there for five more days!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a killer day for Marilyn. Me? I have to get an eNewsletter ready to go out for Thursday, do a blog (or more than one) and some website stuff. I really can't complain about my own workload, as it seems light compared to Marilyn's...

I got an eBulletin out today and did some website and Social Media stuff. My eyes were acting up really bad, so I did chores around the house in the late afternoon to give myself a break from looking at the computer screen. (Especially knowing I've got a bunch of coding to do tomorrow again.) We'd be screwed if I couldn't see well enough to code things, so I need to rest my eyes when I can...

The GOOD news is that the weather should be dry for Friday, Saturday and Sunday! And we're keeping 'brew' (alcohol) for those three days (as we had last weekend). That could potentially draw crowds and make some $$$, which we need after all the rain and closures and financial losses.

It's POURING down rain as I type this (sigh), with more expected. So I'm going to be wearing those new rain boots after all, it appears...

I miss reading the blogs of my friends here at LiveJournal, but should be back to that by next week! (woo hoo) I've barely managed to keep posting here, but I think I've proved it can be done, no matter how busy my schedule might be. (And I doubt anyone can deny it's pretty busy.) You have to go back to February of 2009 to find me missing blogging for entire days. (I admit I missed almost a week that month -- six random days, but never more than two days in a row.)

I love blogging. LiveJournal is really important to me. I hope I can keep this up! (grin)

Well, time to sleep! I hope to have more interesting entries soon!

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