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Great Day!

Today was an amazing day! The sunshine certainly helped!

We walked and walked and walked, so Marilyn and I are both bushed. It's 1:30 a.m. and we're home and ready to head to bed.

The Green Men and a Little (pink) Lady were a HUGE HIT at the parade tonight! Kids just FLOCKED to them -- and everyone wanted photos! I can't get over how popular they were. It was a BLAST to be their wrangler on the route...

We got to have barbecue at our Barbecue & Brew and BOOTS event -- and even though I got new rain boots, I did NOT need to wear 'em today! The pulled chicken was amazing! DELISH (as we like to say). We didn't get to have 'brew' (no alcohol while wearing credentials and working), but there were a lot of people enjoying adult beverages -- and I didn't see any problems. (The security is tight at our events -- and the police were everywhere.)

It was fun to hear the script I helped edit read almost word-for-word on TV! It's a cool feeling, I have to admit. Just like it's cool to see the website pimped out on TV all the time right now!

Anyway, we've got a BUSY (busy, busy) day tomorrow, so time for BED! More soon...

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