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Continued IT Woes (Woe is Me...)

No. It just doesn't seem POSSIBLE!

Our internet was down again. Now they've got it back up, but we've got no PHONES in the festival office.

In the middle of festival we're dealing with this.

You have got to be kidding me.

Originally I couldn't reach Kris. (Poor guy, it was past 7:00 when I first tried.) So I called and got Rick who was on it immediately. What would I do without these guys? Marilyn called them heroes, and that's the truth!

I've been on the phone with both men and they're doing all they can to help. Rick is now headed over to our office (again) to do what he can.

And poor Marilyn! Because I'm not there, I made her go to the IT Room twice and do things that I'm not even nuts about doing. What a good sport she is! I doubt she wants to become a permanent IT Assistant, though. (smile)

This has potential nightmare written all over it. But if we had to pick, we'd go for internet/email over phones, I think. We can always fall back to some degree on our cell phones, thankfully.

I keep saying the word 'emergency,' but it doesn't seem like an exaggeration, considering! IT. Wow, gotta love it...

Meanwhile, back to the script, which I'm actually finally working on! (woo hoo)

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