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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Validation Services

I'm a great supporter of W3C -- the World Wide Web Consortium. I feel there's needs to be an organization who tries to regulate everything going on, but that has no national or financial motivations behind said regulation.

And I don't know what I'd do without their Validation services!

Happily, my latest eNewsletter (I'm getting ready to send it out shortly) validated the first time out! (woo hoo) Frequently due to bad Copy, I'll have something that doesn't pass...

I'm happy, if not thrilled, by the current edition. I try to keep to a certain standard, having won awards for the past two years for my eNewsletters. (You never know what any one group of judges will be looking for, but I'm proud that I'm clearly good at creating these things -- with a lot of help from the festival Communications Team, of course!)

Great. I had to pause to work (really???), and now I need to make MORE CHANGES to the above-mentioned eNewsletter. Which means, of course, that it will need to be validated all over again...

Why would I expect anything else?

I could say more about the W3C and the validation services, but clearly I don't have TIME to do that! Back to work!

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