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Not-So-Great Day

Marilyn was kind enough to let me sleep in this morning. I didn't sleep well last night. I just couldn't seem to fall asleep. (I was hearing the birds by the time I finally drifted off.) I guess I was still wound up from our busy day.

So she got up and went to judging for several hours, telling me she come home around noon to get me. Today was one of my most important meetings of the year, so I couldn't miss going in.

I colored my hair this morning, did a load of dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, which was nice! And answered some emails.

Then Marilyn came home to get me and we headed to the office. Good thing, as IT went to pieces shortly after I got there!

Nobody could get online. Then the PHONES were screwed up! I did a Server restart and we got back online -- but the phones were down. I called Kris to come in. I canceled Kris coming in. I phoned Rick to come in.

The entire upstairs was SO HOT I was dripping wet, head to toe. I told Marilyn, and shortly after Dave was there! I figured she'd phoned him (she hadn't), so I took him upstairs to see the issue. He set the thermostat for me. But later it was still a mess! No air at all. It turns out that when the fire alarm went off yesterday, it reset the system and we had no air! So Dave fixed that, happily. I can't tell you how HOT the IT Room (and my cube) were for ages.

Rick tried to fix the phones and finally did. But internet is ESSENTIAL -- especially DURING the festival! No internet connection means no EMAIL -- and we simply can't do our jobs without email. We can use cell phones if we have to, but no email? No way.

Kris was on his way in with a part when I had to leave for my meeting. It's the first time ever we couldn't hold it in our office (no room now, I'm afraid), so Marilyn took me there. I managed to get everything packed up, but left my NOTES (that I spent ages writing up) behind. And though I took along my uniform to wear, I didn't get a chance to change into it! It's still hanging in Marilyn's office...

And it started to RAIN again today. Waterfront Village is already a MESS (especially the carnival area, rides and games), so more rain won't help at all. Marilyn has some ideas about putting a good spin on it -- as she said, "Making mud pies out of mud-puddles." (smile) Why not try to see it in a positive light? There's going to be a meeting about it in the morning, anyway.

I'll spend tomorrow getting out the eNewsletter, working YET MORE website changes (!!!) and trying to FINALLY start the GFP script. There's always more and more to do. But it was good to get that meeting done today. Naturally I totally FORGOT the element Marilyn asked me to bring up (sigh), but that was par for the course today.

The good news is that Kris and Rick got the internet back up by 7:00 p.m. -- and we're both able to use Remote Desktop from home. There's work to be done, after all... And the office will have their connections back tomorrow. Hopefully I won't need to go in at any point.

Marilyn said I jinxed myself. Last night I mentioned that I hadn't had any recent IT problems. Well, I had them in spades today.

On that note, I plan to lie down and read my book and see if I can nap. It's been another tiring day -- and yesterday was exhausting. And let's face it, this only the beginning! So we need to get all the food and rest we can.

We did force ourselves to stop at Freddies on the way home from work, to pick up kitty litter, so I finally have it. (Three bags so we don't need to worry about it again until AFTER the festival is over!) We have plenty of water and pop, so we should make it! (smile) And hot dogs, which are easy and make for a couple of simple meals...

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